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The bathroom and storage room are never mentioned in the stories. The Lab must have had a bathroom. That's a no-brainer (pun intended).
The Storage room developed because I created the Inner Sanctum, the Bunk room and the Bathroom to have the same dimensions.
But the Bathroom seemed excessively large. What I decided to do was add a few walls creating 1 additional room and
small alcove with entrances to the bathroom and that new room which the Lab could have had, a Storage Room.


The door from the Lab to the alcove. Ahead is the door to the storage room.
To the left is the door to the bathroom

The bathroom accoutrements

View of the storage room

View of the storage room


The furniture in this scene was modeled by other folks

Arm Chair: Andrew Kator & Jennifer Legaz
Toilet Unit- Jay-Artist
Toilet Paper Dispenser-(C) Copyright Andrew Kator & Jennifer Legaz
Human Figures: Reallusion