Asia Minor - Libyan Airways

Airline thats serves Kassabeba (RR, Pg 148)

Benton and Carson International Detective Agency

Official name of the detective agency that BB and JC had started about one year before MM took place (MM, Pg 15) usually called Benton and Carson. Note: If we take the year of MM's publication as the base year for a timeline then the agency was formed in 1958.


"Ways and Means of Trapping the Criminal", Brains was learning how to make plaster casts of footprints from this book (MM, Pg 17) "Solutions of Puzzling Crime Cases" (MM, Pg 109) Brains learns that in two of the cases discussed in that book that missing documents had been found in secret desk drawers (MM, Pg 122) "The History Of Coin Collecting", "Famous Counterfeiters Of History", (CC, Pg 135) "The Canaanite of Syrian History", BB and JC go to Middlebury to purchase this book for BB's father (SD, Pg 103)

Carrier Pigeon

While bicycling down Chestnut Drive a few weeks after PD wrapped up BB and JC discovered this bird. It had been shot. BB felt it might be the start of another case. (PD, Pg 184) Although "The Case of the Carrier Pigeon" is not part of the official cannon it did become fan fiction written by one of the members of the Brains Benton Discussion group on


JC's favorite beverage (CC, Pg 11 & 12)

Code Phrases

"The kangaroos have escaped" meaning get to the Lab as quickly as you can (MM, Pg 11) "The sun shines but the ice is slippery" The Password to get into the Lab (MM, Pg 12) "Eruption on Mount Olympus" meaning get to the Lab as quickly as you can - Contributed by Charles Morgan (SD pg. 130) "The alligators need bathing" meaning get to the Lab as quickly as you can - Contributed by Charles Morgan (RR pg. 11) "Satellite Zeta is in Orbit" meaning, I have important news (CC, Pg 15, Pg 100) "The monkey's have no tails in Zamboanga" Password to gain entrance to the Lab (RR, Pg 13)

Cottage names on Carmine

KUM-ON-INN, U-N-ME, WE-LI-KIT (WM, Pg 47). BY-ITSELF, the cottage Professor Gus rented (WM, Pg 47)

Crestwood daily ledger headline - Joe Keely

Middlebury used car dealer arrested (SD, Pg 162)

Crestwood Police Department squad cars

They were green and white (pd Pg 10)


From the animal show, named Edgar Allen Crow ( WM, Pg 21)


BB's Airedale who died of old age six months before MM was written (MM, Pg 119)


Named Guliver, owned by Skeets (MM, Pg 53)


Named Marjory, owned by Bimbo (MM, Pg, 44)

Green Fez

A present to BB from JC's Uncle Ed. (RR, Pg 15)


A serving maid of Mrs. Willoughby (RR, Pg 82)

Hit and run accident

3:18 PM Sunday Sept 8 (RR Pg, 78)

Homing Pigeons

BB kept two of them as part of his communications setup in the Lab (RR, Pg 15)


MUG-A-SCOPE BB's invention for constructing mug shots of unphotographed criminals (RR, Pg 14)

Middlebury Herald

Newspaper of (guess where) Middlebury (RR, Pg 46)


From the animal show, named Bing and Bang (WM,Pg 15)

Months that stories took place

July,MM took place in this month (CC, Pg 10) WM took place in this month,April (WM Pg 24) CC took place in this month during Easter Vacation (CC, Pg 11) PD took place in mid-April (PD, Pg 12) September, SD began early in this month. (SD, Pg 9) RR began in this month, on a Saturday morning right after labor day (RR, Pg 10)

Newspaper headlines about Benton and Carson

"Young Sherlocks Trap Jewel Thieves", From the Crestwood Daily Ledger (PD, Pg 184) "Crestwood's Young Hero's of the Hour" From the Crestwood Daily Ledger (SD, Pg 185) "Junior Sleuths Trap Crook" From the Crestwood Daily Ledger (CC, Pg 10) Mysterious attack on junior sleuths. From the Crestwood Daily Ledger (SD, Pg 81)Young Sherlocks trap Counterfeiters!, Junior Sleuths Foil Circus Fraud!, Thieves Unmasked by Kid Hawkshaws! (PD Pg 10)


African Grey, named The Senator. (MM, Pg 66) his favorite sayings are "Cut his throat" (MM, Pg 62) "Any of You Cheap Skates Got a Cigar" (MM, Pg 65) "Aw, Shut up" (MM, Pg 65) "Go Wash Your Neck" (MM Pg 65) "Hello madam, you look like an unmade bed" (MM, Pg 74) "Help, Help I'm drowning" (MM Pg 75)

Population of Crestwood

17,438 at the time of CC. Using the copyright of CC (1960) as a basis then the year would be 1960.

Punic Wars

Professor Benton was writing a paper about them and at dinner one evening went on a talking jag about it (MM, Pg 100) JC also makes a reference to them (CC, Pg 167) contributed by Bill, SouthFork and Dan from the Brains Benton discussion group on

Road Racing

The title of the magazine with the slanty letters that was used in the mystery note. (SD, Pg 107)

Roman Numerals

BB asked JC to tell weather he had Arabic of Roman numerals on the face of the wristwatch, he had worn for over a year. JC said Arabic. But they were really Roman. (RR, Pg 69)


From the animal show, named Oscar (WM, Pg 16)

Season of Golden Cheese

August 1912, the time when Prince Halam's father Ascended the throne of Kassabeba (RR)

Sunflower seeds

The Senator's favorite food (MM, Pg 74)

Sunny Spa

Ice cream parlor in Washington Ave Crestwood, across the street from Crestwood Junior/Senior High ( RR, Pg 46)

The Adventure of the Six Napoleons

A Sherlock Holmes story that Mikko makes a reference to it (PD, Pg 137)

The Case of the Moving Statue

Part of the ongoing investigation in PD. BB felt it was important that JC look into how the statue of old Gripley was moved. The statue was located near the entrance to the school auditorium. (PD Pg 76-77) Contributed by M and S.J.S of the Brains Benton discussion group on

Waltzing mouse

From the animal show, named Xenophon (WM, Pg15)