Benton and Carson business card

Shown to Yama (PD, Pg 105). Shown to Frothingham (RR, Pg 77) Shown to Bimbo and Skeets (MM, Pg 48) Shown to Terry (CC Pg 80) Shown to state troopers when Joe Keely was taken into custody (SD Pg, 177)

Cabin cruiser

Stolen at Lake Carmine. BB and JC might have time to check into it. (SD, Pg 185)

Cigar butt

With paper wrapper,labeled "Gold Crown, Havana" (PD, Pg 138)

Fake Necklace

Used to lure the Borkin gang to College and Poplar Streets in Crestwood, where one of them might be captured and interrogated. (PD, Pg 113)

Lead Pencil

Found broken in two in Vacant lot after fight with the Borkin Gang. Pencil is stamped "Edgewood Motel" (PD, Pg 117) Found in Otto 's office stamped "MacNab Real Estate Co., Knob Point, Lake Carmine" (MM, Pg 155)

Radio transmitter

BB built it out of surplus parts. It operated on the 11 meter band (CC Pg, 73)

Ransom Note

From Blackie, was attached to a rock and thrown through a screened window of JC's and BB bedroom at the vacation cottage about 3 AM (WM Pg 115)

Tool Shed

Located at the end of the drive on the Carson property (CC, P71)

Torn Twenty Dollar Bill

Mrs. Holtzworth had given it to JC 's mom during the community camp fund drive (SD, Pg 125)