Blackie's Pal (WM Pg 168) Named (WM Pg 173)


One of the main characters of MM. Since he used to be a clown in the Fenton Circus and was used to quick changes he was both Montgomery and Gustav (MM, Pg 61) His real name is Leopold Duval (MM, Pg 78)


Bimbo's wife, AKA The Queen, former fortune teller and mind reading mystic of the Fenton Circus (MM, Pg 64)


One of four men in the general store who was listening to the ballgame. He gave JC and BB directions to the Paulson Lodge that Otto had rented (MM, Pg 161)


A friend of Joe Keely's (SD, Pg 140)


One of the state troopers who took Joe Keely into custody (SD, Pg 178)


Mrs. Willoughby's chauffeur (RR, Pg 10) and butler (RR, Pg 37)


Mrs. Willoughby's Kassabeban cook (RR, Pg 42) JC originally thought he was a Turk (RR, Pg 27) Story about JC's last encounter with Khouri (RR, Pg 29-30)


New emir of Kassabeba He took over using strong-arm methods while Halam was in England finishing 4 years at Eton. (RR, Pg 23)

Duke and  Jujab

Sent by Ras-Bey to spy on Prince Halam while he was in Crestwood. (RR, Pg 25)

Professor Abrams

Head of the Crestwood College chemistry department (RR, Pg 149)

Mrs Anderson

One of the biggest gossips in Crestwood

Mr Backus

County Superintendent of Education (PD Pg 13)

Binky Barnes

Kid who originally bought the counterfeit coin (CC, Pg 31) JC thought he was he was a one man false alarm (CC, Pg 31)

Harvey Beal

A real estate agent in Crestwood. He held the Community Fund money in his office safe overnight (SD, Pg, 18)

Eddie Bixon

Joe Keely gave him 5 bucks for gas and had him plant some of the stolen community fund money in Ella Parslow's flower bed. He is from Middlebury where is father is part owner of a furniture store and his mother is president of the PTA. (SD, Pg 154)

Harry Blackstone

AKA Blackie, former employee of Gustav Von Maltzbenben (WM, Pg 16) Got a job at Wonder Park (WM Pg 98)

Officer Burney

Member of the Bleeker city police force (CC, Pg 56)

Mrs. Clopake

JC's English teacher, she had a bright little saying for every occasion (PD, Pg 144)

Chick Correlli

An old circus friend of the Professor (WM Pg 185)

Mr. Cummings

JC's math teacher (PD, Pg 130)and (CC Pg 26) he and his wife are also introduced to Jimmy by Mr. Peters (MM, Pg 80). Mr. Cummings is going to take Miss O'Donnell's place. (MM, Pg 80)

Pop Dawkins

Newspaper morgue manager at the Crestwood Daily Ledger (PD, Pg 131)

Mr. Devlin

Owner of the Devlin Real Estate Co. in Bleeker City. He also owns and rents out the building the Ye Olde Curio Shoppe is in. (CC, Pg 94) His first name is Harry (CC, Pg 107)

Jeremy Dexter

Owner of the Bleeker City Coin and Stamp Exchange (CC pg, 53)

Terry Dexter

Jeremy Dexter's daughter (CC Pg 61)

Uncle Ed

JC's uncle and Clara Carson's brother. He was a private pilot for the old emir and was in town to pick up a new plane.(RR, Pg 120) Sent JC a letter (RR, Pg 22)

Alf Fenton

Skeets father, was owner along with his wife of the Fenton Circus. They had been trapeze artists. They had come over from Hull, England many years ago. (MM, Pg 55 & 99)

Skeets Fenton

Real name, George Skelly Fenton. He was Alf Fenton's son. (MM, Pg 55)

Miss Finch

Twin sisters Amantha and Corintha. The Postmistress at the Bleeker City post office (CC, Pg 130)

Miss Flemish

Took over the Art department at the Crestwood junior/senior high school after Mr. Yamada's death (PD, Pg 133)

Mel Frazer

District Attorney in Crestwood (PD, Pg 171)

Mr. Fromber

Mailman for Silas Gorme and Jeremy Dexter (CC)

Borkin's gang

Louie, Flint and Croaker (PD, Pg 124, 127)

Devlin's gang

Whisper (CC,Pg119), Bunko (CC, Pg 177), Hickey and Brun (CC, Pg 179)

Wes Gorman

Running back on the football team (SD, Pg 185)

Silas Gorme

Runs the Ye Olde Curio Shop in Bleeker City (CC Pg 43)

Stinky Green

It seems that his one and only job was to take JC's paper route whenever it got in the way of a story (MM, Pg 123)

Otto Gruber

Alf Fenton's cousin (MM, Pg 55) Showed up at the circus one day looking for work. When Skeets father and mother were killed in a car accident he became owner of the Fenton circus . More information about Otto from a Fenton Circus program (MM, Pg 128)

Montgomery, Gustav

Two Characters that JC meets when he goes to the old Madden house to try and sell a subscription to the Crestwood Daily Ledger The cover art of MM reflects this scene (MM, Pg 20 - 21)

Chief Hadley

Head of the Crestwood Police Department. (SD, Pg 11)

Prince Halam

Rightful heir to the throne of Kassabeba (RR, Pg 23)

Harold Hawkins

He ran the general store and post office across the street from the MacNab Real Estate Co. (MM, Pg 158)

Sgt. Hawkins

A desk sergeant at the Crestwood Police Department. (SD, Pg 22)

Dick Hubbell

A friend of JC's father, he lived on Trysting path on Lake Carmine about half a mile from the cottage they rented for their summer vacation (WM Pg. 62)

Lew Jarman

Top reporter for the Crestwood Daily Ledger (SD, Pg 22). Has only been out of college a year or two (RR, Pg 71)

Gracie Johnny

Will Parslow's daughter and son. Johnny is in the class behind JC. Gracie is in the 2nd grade. (SD, Pg 38)

The Joker

Otto's second in command (MM, Pg 52)

Joe Keely

Alias for James Kohler (approx. age 35) from Welton City. ex-con served two and one-half years for grand larceny. Sold auto parts and accessories in Middlebury. (SD Pgs 130 - 131) - Contributed by Charles Morgan

James Kohler

Real name of Joe Keely (SD, Pg 124)

Sam Lufkin

Ben Carlin's uncle who lived in South Crestwood (SD , Pg 44) Swore to Ben's dying mother that he would never allow Ben to get in a racing car (SD Pg 105)

Frank Mace

Reporter for the Capitol Observer newspaper Alias of Frank Borkin (PD, Pg 128)

Ferez Malab

He is the court treasurer of Kassabeba and came over with Uncle Ed to handle the financial end of a Jet purchase. (RR, Pg 130)

Dr. Masters

Lives on the property behind the Carson's (CC, Pg 72)

"Pumphandle" Mayhew

BB and JC's history teacher. Know as "Pumphandle" because of the chopping motion he makes with his arm when making a point(PD Pg 20)

Coach McIver

Head football coach at Crestwood's Junior/Senior High.(SD, Pg 185)

Officer McKeon

Member of the Crestwood Police Department. (SD, Pg 24) Worked around a submerged automobile in Boiling pond (SD, Pg 26) brought his SCUBA diving equipment to Lake Carmine and allowed JC and BB to use it (WM Pg 51)

Mr. Murfree

Ben Carlin's boss at the Acme Garage His one and only line is "Been having tea with the Widow Pruett lately?" (SD, Pg 133) - Contributed by Charles Morgan

Judge Parker

City Court judge in Bleeker City. JC thought that he was a swell grandfather to some lucky kid. (CC, Pg 63)

Will Parslow

Sarah Pruett accused him of stealing the Crestwood Community Camp Fund Money (SD, Pg 39)

Ella Parslow

Will Parslow's wife (SD, Pg 38)

Jim Patton

G-Man, probably an INS agent. (MM, Pg 184)

Mr. Peters

AKA "Horsey" Peters. The Principal of Crestwood's Junior/Senior High. He was called Horsey because...well, he looked like a horse (MM, Pg 80)

Mr. Porter

Owned the leading Haberdashery in Crestwood where JC had gotten his Blue Serge Suit (SD, Pg 42)

Sarah Pruett

AKA "The Widow Pruett", Lived above her stationary store in downtown Crestwood. She was ...a peevish old number with a face that would've looked just dandy on a prune. She accused Will Parslow of stealing the Crestwood Community Camp Fund money (SD, Pg 39)

Gretchen Rand

Counselor at Camp Sandy Cove on Lake Carmine (WM Pg 134) Had an interesting conversation with Blackie (MM Pg 130-132) She is the Professor's granddaughter (WM Pg 182)

Mrs. Ray

The Benton's housekeeper (MM, Pg 70) JC has a short phone conversation with her. She did not like how BB's parents were allowing him to grow-up. (CC, Pg 14) According to JC she really could bake pies (SD, Pg 16)

Stony Rhodes

Also a newspaper boy ( 1959 speak ) for The Crestwood Daily Ledger and the kid JC figured he had to beat in the annual subcription drive for the paper (MM, Pg 17) Met him while transporting the Senator to the Lab. (MM, Pg 82) JC does not like Stony (MM, Pg 83) Has a summer job as copyboy for the Crestwood Daily Leger (SD, Pg 39) BB had him stake out Harvey Beal's real estate office so he and JC could go on a mission. Stony reported a man dressed all in black and wearing rimless glasses. According to Stony he looked like a mean type. After the stakeout BB thanked him and told him that he knew who "The man in black" was . Turns out BB was introduced to him the previous day by his mother. He was the new minister at the Congregational Church. But BB didn't tell Stony that. (SD, Pg 114 and 119 submitted by Alan Meyers) Stony wanted to know how he could get his name in the paper like BB a JC and JC told him to throw a brick through Sarah Pruett's window. (SD, Pg 100)

Dan Riley

One of the state troopers who took Joe Keely into custody (SD, Pg 178)

Mr. Sabin

Night watchman at the Crestwood Junior/Senior High School construction site (PD, Pg 161)

Mr. Shane

BB's and JC's math teacher (PD, Pg 17)

Crestwood Daily Ledger subscribers

Mrs. Gable on Spruce Street. Mr. Cripp, the mechanic at the Vine Street Garage (PD, Pg157). Mr. Ober, the baker (PD, Pg 159) The bakery was located on Clover Street (CC, Pg36) The Eastons (MM, Pg 17) Mr. Donner (MM, Pg 17) Mr. Thomas on Lilac Blvd. (MM Pg 26) The Barnes family in Bleeker City. (CC, Pg 11) The Walshes and Merriweathers. Miss Manly. Amanda Krock, retired school teacher on Farnum Street. (CC, Pg 32) Mr Bates, Old lady Rader (CC, Pg 138)

Bert Thomas

When JC's dad had to go back to Crestwood to clear up some odds and ends at the office he played a round of golf with Bert. (WM, Pg 93)

Operative Three

Code name for JC (MM, Pg 15)

Mr. Trask

Manager of the "Edgewood" motel (PD, Pg 120)

Operative Two

There is no Operative Two (CC, Pg 15)

The Vernay's

Couple who lived near Bleeker City. Will Parslow had taken a two mile hike there to give them an estimate on a house painting job.(SD, Pg 51)

Gustav Von Maltzbenben

Owner of a traveling animal show that played the charity-bazaar circuit. He was playing a benefit for the Crestwood Community Camp fund. (WM, Pg 13)

Martin Wagner

a.k.a "Tuffy" a bully at Crestwood Junior/Senior High School. He's in the same age as JC and BB (PD, Pg 22)

Henry Worthington

Mayor of Crestwood (CC, Pg 33) Mentioned (SD Pg, 182)

Mr. Worts

Circulation manager for the Crestwood Daily Ledger (MM, Pg 95)

George Wright

Baseball player with the Crestwood Colts (Semi-pro) team. Hit 3 home runs VS Welton City to help win championship. Was in a plane crash and now is a clerk at Hotel Westmore in Middlebury. (SD pgs. 126-127) Note: It is interesting that there was a real George Wright who was one of the first stars ever in professional baseball. He played on the famous 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings and is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. - Contributed by Charles Morgan

Operative X

Code name for BB (MM, Pg 15)