Benett's Drugstore

Located in Crestwood on Main Street (SD, Pg 26)

Bleeker City Coin and Stamp Exchange

Located on Broadway, Jeremy Dexter Prop. (CC, Pg 53)

Boiling Pond

Located near Crestwood. Once a dry gravel pit but someone had dug to deep and hit a natural spring and it had filled up with water. A constant stream of bubbles still floated up from the spring giving the pond its name (SD, Pg 19)

Cabin 14

Borkin's gang had there secret meeting here at the "Edgewood" motel (PD, Pg 121)

Crestwood College

Located in the northeast part of town (RR, Pg 95)

General Store and Post Office at Lake Carmine

Place where JC and BB got directions to the lodge that Otto had rented (MM, Pg 162) Note: Four men are listening to a ballgame on the radio. In the original 1959 edition this game is said to have been played in Milwaukee. In subsequent editions this reference to Milwaukee was removed (MM, Pg 160)

Hotel Westmore

Located in Middlebury. George Wright is the day clerk (SD, Pg 128)


Oil rich country near the UAE (RR, Pg 22)

Keller's Drugstore

Located in Middlebury. They sold everything, even outboard motors (SD, Pg 105)

Lake Carmine

Located between Middlebury and Crestwood, first mention in MM (MM, Pg 126) Otto held Skeets hostage here (MM, Pg 154) About 20 miles north of Crestwood. (MM, Pg 155) More info (WM, Pg29) NOTE: Dan, a member of the Brains Benton Group on, asked about the pronunciation of the word Carmine. This led me to look the word up in a dictionary. Carmine is a shade of red. Lakes are blue not red.)

MacNab Real Estate Co.

Otto rented a fishing the fishing lodge here. (MM, Pg 155)

Madden house

MM really got started here (MM, Pg 18 - 19)

Paulson Lodge

Fishing lodge that Otto rented (MM, Pg162) Other lodges nearby, "Angler's Haven", "H.T. Morris" (MM Pg 165)


Location of the state work farm. (SD, Pg 160)

Safron's Drug Store

Located in Bleeker City. JC would stop here every Saturday when he was making collections for his paper route (CC, Pg 11)

Spring Creek

Passes under the county turnpike between Crestwood and Bleeker City.)

Strato-Air Aircraft Plant,

Located in Langston. Uncle Ed is there to pick up a new plane. (RR, Pg 120)

Sugden's Lumberyard

Located on Spruce Street (SD, Pg 86)

Suicide Bend

Located about a mile outside of Middlebury at the bottom of a steep hill. (SD Pg 139)

The Cameo

A movie theater in Crestwood. JC had seen "Daughter of Dracula" there. (SD, Pg 49) BB and JC saw a movie about counterfeiters here (SD, Pg 114)

The Gault place

A house that was owned at one time by Nathan Gault. There had been a murder there many years ago. The house had burned down about 10 years before SD. (SD, Pg 71)

The Lab

Secret Headquarters of the Benton and Carson International Detective Agency. Located on the second floor of Professor Benton's garage. It had been a coach house in the horse and buggy days (MM, Pg 12) Second floor used as servants quarters (CC, Pg 21) Description of entrance procedures (MM, Pg 12),(CC, Pg 21),(RR, Pg14) Description of the interior (MM, Pg 13),(CC, Pg 21-22 ) (RR, Pg 14) (WM, Pg 26) Given full use of second floor (MM, Pg 14) BB had a uncle in the city who sent him some things (MM, Pg 14) had a revolving wall with a bunk on the other side (MM, Pg 102) Bugler alarm system in lab operated by photoelectric cells (MM, Pg 103)

Todd's Hill school bus shelter

Located in Crestwood (SD, Pg 35)

Turner's rock quarry

Place where the Duke an Jujab took the Rolls to search it (RR, Pg 105). Also the same place that BB, JC, Uncle Ed, Prince Halam, and Frothingham took it when they "stole" it. They also wanted to search it. (RR, Pg 136)

Willoughby mansion

Located 4 miles north of Crestwood on Toll House Road (RR, Pg 33)

Wonder Park

Small amusement park on Lake Carmine. (WM, Pg30)

Woodard's Truck Farm

Located in Crestwood (SD, Pg 40)

Ye Olde Curio Shop (Bleeker City)

Store where Binky Barnes bought the counterfeit coin (CC, Pg 43)