Balsam Street

Mr. Peters house was on this street (MM, Pg 80)

Broadway (Bleeker City)

Location of the Bleeker City Coin and Stamp Exchange. (CC Pg 53) Also, at #528 is the Devlin Real Estate Co. (CC Pg 106)

Chestnut Drive

BB lived here (MM, Pg 12) We are never given a street address for his house in any of the stories

Clover Street

Location of Mr. Ober's bakery (CC, Pg 36)

Grocery street (Bleeker City)

Location of "Ye Olde Curio Shop" (CC, Pg, 43)

Madison Street #28

residence of Mr. and Mrs Bevans. also the residence of Mikko (PD, Pg 25, 28) and before they were killed in a car crash about a year before PD, Mr and Mrs. Yamada (PD, Pg 31)

Maple Street #43

JC lived here (MM, Pg 9) We are told that it is four blocks from Chestnut Drive (MM, Pg 12) It is a white clapboard house (CC, Pg 9)

Ramsey Drive #335 (Bleeker City)

Residence of Jeremy Dexter (CC, Pg 127)

River Street

Borkin's gang also had a hideout near here (PD, Pg 163)

Spruce Street

The police staked out the Crestwood Junior/Senior High School from here (PD, Pg 176) Will Parslow used to have a repair shop here (SD, Pg 37)

Tinker Drive

A short street that connects Chestnut Drive to Washington Ave. It was at the corner of Tinker and Washington that the Rolls was involved in a hit and run accident. (RR, Pg 53)

Toll House Road

Location of Willoughby mansion (RR, Pg 32-33)

Water Street (Middlebury)

Located in the older part of town (SD Pg 106)