Scott's Original MP3 Files


I wrote and produced all of the songs that are listed. I didn't do it alone, I had help from a computer program called Band-In-A-Box, aka BIAB. In BIAB all I had to do was enter the chord changes in a spreadsheet like interface chose a style such as light rock, disco, jazz swing, or country swing. There are millions of styles but if I couldn't find one I liked I could always create my own. I then played it back and recorded the melody.

I'm sure that everyone is familiar with a player piano roll. Basically, it is a specially punched roll of paper that is fed through a player piano. The location of the punched holes determine when key on the piano is pressed , which key it is and for how long it is held down.

With MIDI you do not have a player piano roll. You have instead a MIDI file on your computer (MIDI stands Musical Instrument Digital Interface). The player piano is replace by the sound card in your computer. The sound card has a MIDI synthesizer built right into it.

The MIDI file has stored in it the same type of information that a player piano roll has (although it is much more complex). When the MIDI file is played that information is sent to the synthesizer on the sound card and the synthesizer plays back this information or instructions. Because the MIDI file only contains instructions for the synthesizer and not the music itself as a WAV or MP3 file does they are quite small. This is why they are so popular. However there is one drawback

About 15 years or so ago sound card and other MIDI module manufacturers got together and developed the GM or General MIDI specification. Part of the GM spec said that when a particular instruction was received a particular voice would sound. Perhaps an acoustic piano or organ or sax.

Because the GM spec only mandates which voice will sound and not the quality of that voice the differences in sound card MIDI synthesizers is huge. Play the file MIDI file Silent Voices.MID and compare it to the MP3 version and you will hear the difference.

That is the reason why I decided to use MP3 instead of MIDI files. Most folks use the soundcard that is buit into the motherboard of their computer. For MIDI file playback the quality is usually bad.

A word about the six songs titled "Continually Beautiful". They all use the same chord progression. They sound different because of the styles I chose and (of course) the melodies are different.
A Hint of My Love
Abysmal Outpost
Adult Sax
Amusingily Fearful
Ballad For Rebecca
Beat Innuendo
Break Away to Casablanca
Buried in Burgundy
C Am F G
Continually Beautiful
Continually Beautiful
Continually Beautiful
Continually Beautiful
Continually Beautiful
Continually Beautiful
Cool Thing
Dark Color
Extraordinary Opus
Freaky Impulse
Funky Strip
Gamblin' Paradise
March Wind
Hot Pocket
Images of Samantha Insane Cargo
Internet Sax
Ironical Rhapsodies
Intrepid Tune
Last Trip
Lucky Call
Never Ending Tangos
Piano Nightlife
Purple Intruders
Quiet Spring
Rainy Bohemian
Remembered Stuff
Savage Gals
Silent Voices
Song of Christina
Surprisingly Enthralled
Some Bar at Midnight
Transposed Autumns
Unknown Preludes
Unseen Feelings
Untitled Song
White Smile