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BBE Blog - Other BB Stuff

BBE Blog - Other BB Stuff

December 21, 2012

A clone of Wonder Park

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In the fifth installment of the Brains Benton mystery series, “The Case of the Waltzing Mouse”, or WM, we are introduced to Wonder Park, a small amusement park on Lake Carmine that ends up being the location for the most important part of that story. In case their is someone reading this who hasn’t read WM yet I won’t reveal any more of the story.

A few weeks ago I was sitting in my living room and two words just popped into my head, “Mountain Park”. It was a small amusement park in Holyoke, Massachusettes I had gone to in the early 1960’s. I hadn’t thought about that place in about forty-five years.

Except for the fact that “Mountain Park” was on the side of Mt. Tom and not on a lake it could have been clone of “Wonder Park”.

October 13, 2012

Brains Benton Audio Books

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What a neat idea. Problem is that while the novels are still being sold by used book dealers, audio books of the 6 Brains Benton novels were never recorded, as far as I know, and so aren’t availible.

The only way to get an audio book was to record it myself.  I’ve read the novels aloud for years so I thought that all I had to do was plug a microphone into my PC and I’d be good to go. Well, that’s easier said than done.

Ever watch a game show like “Jeopardy” and guess the question long before the contestant does? You wonder why they can’t guess the question too.

They are under a lot of pressure. Being on stage in front of a few hundred people as well as the other the two contestants in the game. It makes the mind do funny things at times. The same is true of recording an audio book but to a much lesser degree.

Simple 1 syllable words are pronounced incorrectly. The throat goes dry and you can’t speak until you’ve had a drink of water. Or you want to cough at the most inopportune times.

I thought the way I was going to do this was by recording a chapter at a time. But no, I’m recording a page at a time and I’m going to piece the chapters together using the audio software Audacity.

I started on this project back in July and really have no idea how long it will take. I’m glad there are only 6 novels that I have to deal with.

It would be great if I could post them to this website as I finish each novel but I have no idea who owns the rights.Several years ago some members of the BB discussion group on Yahoo attempted to find out, but to no avail.

April 18, 2007

BB cover art

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The cover art of the Brains Benton novels (Golden Press/Whitman imprints) usually represents a scene in the story.

The Case of the Missing Message - Shows JC trying to sell a subscription to The Crestwood Daily Ledger newspaper to Montgomery. (MM Pg, 20-22)

The Case of the Counterfeit Coin - Shows BB and JC in JC’s house using a radio transmitter that BB built. (CC Pg 73-74)

The Case of the Stolen Dummy - Shows BB and JC being chased out of the old Gault family cemetery by a man in a long dark coat (SD Pg, 75-76)

The Case of the Roving Rolls - Shows two seperate scenes that have been combined. The first scene is JC in the Willoughby drive watching a driverless Rolls Royce go by. (RR, Pg 34). The second is of Frothingham and BB on bicycles (RR, Pg 40).

The Case of the Waltzing Mouse - Shows BB and JC as their small boat is being rammed by a larger one piloted by Blackie. (WM Pg, 170)

The Case of the Painted Dragon - Shows BB and JC with the Painted Dragon in the Background. It does not represent any single of combination of scenes from the novel

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