A Guide to the People, Towns, Streets, Objects, Events and Places that comprise the six novels of Brains Benton and Jimmy Carson

Hi, my name is Scott Frederick. I have been reading and re-reading these stories for the last 46 years

I read my first Brains Benton mystery when I was about twelve years old. The library in my elementary school only had two stories CC ("The Case of the Counterfeit Coin") and MM ("The case of the Missing Message") I thought they were really good and since the books were still in print I was able to buy three more, RR  ("The case of the Roving Rolls")  WM ("The Case of the Waltzing Mouse") and SD ("The Case of the Stolen Dummy").

Some of the other kids in my class also thought the stories were good and they had purchased some of them to. By the time I went on to Junior High School I had read all six.  It wasn't till 1997 that I was able to purchase (over the Internet) the three I didn't have, MM, CC and PD ("The Case of the Painted Dragon").

The Brains Benton mysteries were written from 1959-1961. The first story, MM was written by Charles Spain Verral (CSV)  a former pulp and aviation story writer whose career in spinning adventure tales began in 1935.  The other five stories were written by George Wyatt. You would never guess their was a change in authors because the writing styles are so similar.

Because MM is the only story to have a dedication (to CSV's son Charlie and his friend Randy) most Brains Benton fans believe that CSV intended MM to be the one and only Brains Benton story. When the publisher asked him to write more stories he already was involved in other projects and used the pseudonym "George Wyatt" for the rest of the series.